Watch Dogs 2 Game Guide

This guide contains detailed and interactive world map for Watch Dogs 2 game, with marked locations of interesting game content such as key data, reseach points, paint jobs, clothing items or unique vehicles. You will also find here a lot of information about Watch Dogs 2 main and side operations, their descriptions, lists of objectives, valuable hints, etc. complemented by numerous, helpful screenshots and videos.

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 is the successor an open-world action game Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs 2 develops the key gameplay elements of its predecessor, however, was moved to an entirely new place, and now takes place in San Francisco Bay. The player assumes the role of Marcus Holloway, a member of DedSec – a group gathering local hackers. Although DedSec's members share a goal, which is to destroy the Central Operating System (ctOS), they are also focused simply on enjoying their work.


World Map / San Francisco Bay, Watch Dogs 2 Map

World Map / San Francisco Bay - This is the full Watch Dogs 2 World Map set in the San Francisco Bay area. Key data, clothing items, unique vehicles, paint jobs, research points and gnomes have been marked on this map.

24 x Key Data; 7 x Unique Vehicles; 16 x Clothing Items; 12 x Gnome Outfit; 33 x Paint Jobs; 112 x Research Points; 27 x Side Operations; 1 x Others


Watch Dogs 2 Collectibles - This page is dedicated to showing you where to find all the collectibles in Watch Dogs 2.

Recently added or updated operations

Here is a list of recently added or modified operations. To see the full list of operations, follow this link - List of Watch Dogs 2 Operations.

Name / Title Type of operation Description
Bad Publicity Side operation To start this operation you have to hack the phone of some guy who is somewhere in San Francisco City.
Ubistolen Side operation To start this operation you need to hack the phone of Elliott Chen, Marketing Director at Ubisoft. He stands in various locations throughout the Silicon Valley.
Shanghaied Main operation Looks like the man-in-the-middle play off Blume's satellite backbone is paying off in dividends. Time to visit the Hackerspace to see what else DedSec scored.
Robot Wars Main operation DedSec plans to get inside Tidis proper and expose their secret programs, but to get past security, we need a plan. Since we're dealing with Tidis, the plan need to be bulletproof.
Power To The Sheeple Main operation The Galilei satellite has yielded some pretty interesting information about the upcoming election, so time to have some fun.
Hacker War Main operation Your network got hacked and DedSec's scrambling to fix the problem. Time to see what's up.
Eye For An Eye Main operation Horatio has gone missing and DedSec is worried about him. You need to track him down.
W4tched Main operation Sometimes, you have to cut loose, and DedSec needs some R&R.
$911 Side operation Josh has picked up an anomaly in Blume's crime prediction algorithm. Meet him at the Hackerspace to take a look and gather more info.
Hack Teh World Main operation Ray's got some prime intel to share. Meet him and listen up.

To see the full list of operations, follow this link - List of Watch Dogs 2 Operations.