Elex Game Guide

Update #1: I started completing this guide with data from the full version of the game. I was able to import a list of all missions available in the game (titles, descriptions, experience points, etc.). I will try to complete the missing data (full names of related entities, points of interest on the map, etc.) as soon as possible.


Developed by Piranha Bytes, creators of the award winning Gothic series, Elex is an action role-playing open world game for PC and consoles and is set in a brand new, post-apocalyptic, science-fantasy universe where magic meets mechs.

Official website: http://elexgame.com/


Elex World Map / Magalan, Elex Map

Elex World Map / Magalan - Map of Magalan, the planet we explore in Elex. The whole area can be divided into several lands: Edan - the land of the Berserkers, Tavar - the land of the Outlaws, Abessa - the highlands, neutral territory, Ignadon - the land of the Clerics, and Xacor - the land of the Albs.

81 x Recipe; 52 x NPC, Berserker; 70 x NPC, Cleric; 64 x NPC, Outlaw; 8 x NPC, Separatist; 37 x NPC, Other; 20 x Amulet; 25 x Ring; 6 x Shield; 7 x Sunglasses; 2 x Speargun; 2 x Rocket Launcher; 4 x Rifle; 4 x Shotgun; 2 x Grenade Launcher; 2 x Flamethrower; 7 x Blaster; 14 x Bow / Crossbow; 22 x Two-Handed Weapon; 48 x One-Handed Weapon; 26 x Hand Grenade; 16 x Map Piece; 20 x Old Photograph; 11 x Other Picture; 42 x Teleporter; 141 x Creature (1-9); 530 x Creature (10-19); 541 x Creature (20-29); 249 x Creature (30-39); 67 x Creature (40-49); 26 x Creature (50-59); 34 x Creature (60+); 2 x Others

Map Pieces, Elex Map

Map Pieces - Alternative map of Magalan, created from the map pieces which you can find in the game. In total there are 16 pieces of the map scattered all over the world of the game. Collecting all pieces of the map and putting them together is an objective of An old map mission.

Recently added or updated missions

Here is a list of recently added or modified missions. To see the full list of missions, follow this link - List of Elex Missions.

Name / Title Type Description
Photos from the past Has Items You can find lots of photos from the old world on Magalan.
Angry Girl Report Nasty is an extremely strong fighter, but seems to have some issues.
Secrets of the Past Report The clues Eva found give a set of coordinates, I should go to the place and discover what these clues have been pointing us to.
Contact Report There are some Alb raiders in the area. They could be useful to me, or they could report me to Xacor. I can look to get equipment and information in Goliet, or find the Albs. But, if I find the Albs...I might have to fight them.
Obediently Performing One's Duty Report To be promoted to the rank of Legate, I must prove that I am willing to assist the Clerics. Judicator Reinhold has listed the things I must achieve.
Meat for Connor Has Items Connor won't deal with me, but if I bring him half a dozen pieces of raw meat, he will pay me for them.
The Lair of the Beast Report I know how to get into the Ice Palace. If I am to finish what has begun, I must go to Xacor. My journey will only be complete when I face the Hybrid.
Seeking Promotion Report If I want to be promoted to the rank of Paladin, I will have to prove I am worthy. Paladins are second in rank to the Warlord. They are entrusted with command and diplomatic duties, and are taught new skills. Each Warlord will give me tasks I must complete to be considered for promotion.
Delivery Problems Report Trevor says some of his men were sent out to collect scrap, but are now refusing to deliver it to him.
In the Service of Calaan Report As a Legate, it is my duty to find new recruits for the Hort. Hagen and Balder have information on how to do this.

To see the full list of missions, follow this link - List of Elex Missions.